Jason Mann is the Operations Manager for In & Out Cleaning.  Jason previously spent a few years post-college in a couple different jobs, before being asked to come on board as a window washer in 2007.  Around this same time, he and his wife had intentionally moved into an “at risk” Muncie neighborhood along with a handful of other young families, desiring to bring reconciliation, stability, and hope to the people living nearby.  He has a heart to love those that are typically overlooked, as is evidenced by he and his wife growing their family through adoption, as well as through his commitment to the vision at In & Out Cleaning.  Jason takes great pride in all he does, and tries to encourage a sense of craftsmanship in others.  He transitioned into more administratively-focused duties in 2010 and into management roles over the following few years.  Since Jake’s shift to Colombia in 2015, Jason has assumed all general management of the business.
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