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pressure washing

Pool Pressure Washing

We provide hot and cold water mobile pressure washing services, throughout Indiana. 

Many folks are not aware of the values of hot water pressure washing. Just as you wash your dirty dishes or clothes more effectively with hot water, hot water pressure washing is much more effective, sanitary, efficient, etc.  Results can easily be achieved with hot water washing where cold water--even at high pressure--does nothing. For example, with hot water, the black spots (gum), oil spots, and stains that show up on concrete everywhere can be removed, and the concrete can be kept looking new in appearance.

In some instances, however, hot water can damage surfaces and cold water is necessary. As with all our other services, we are well-trained and understand the use of water under pressure for cleaning. We will fit your need and substrate with the correct solution. The solution is often using low pressure, as many substrates are sensitive to pressure. However, whether what is needed is high pressure with high heat, high flow and no chemicals¸ or low pressure, low heat, low flow and chemicals-- or anywhere in between, it is our expertise that you can rely upon.

For concrete we employ the use of state-of-the-art flat surface cleaners, the only good way to thoroughly, evenly and efficiently clean concrete and some other flat surfaces.

The list of pressure washing services that we can and do provide is fairly extensive. Below, however, is a short list, to provide you with an idea. We have equipment for water reclamation, enabling us to clean "green" and remove water from hard-to-remove areas, as well as indoors where there are no drains. 

  • Concrete / flatwork pressure washing (entrance/exit areas, drive-thrus, drives, etc)
  • Exterior building cleaning, surface restoration (correct application for the specific surface)
  • Heavy and light equipment cleaning
  • All kinds of degreasing and deep cleaning where pressure washing is the most effective and efficient solution
  • Deck restoration

Whisper WashSurface Cleaner Before Afte

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