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exterior wood restoration

We wash (or strip), and seal exterior wood the correct way, according to PWNA (Power Washers of North America) standards (yes, there are many wrong ways). Contact us and we will describe this service in as much detail as you like. We provide this service often for wood decking, but also for stained wood siding, fencing, etc.

Below is a description of this service, depending on many different factors:

• Safely stripping the surface of old sealant/stain/paint.
• Use of the proper chemicals, safe for wood in a 2-step process to both clean and to neutralize the Ph level of the wood.
• Removal of all mold, mildew, dirt and damaged wood using the lowest possible pressure and highest gallons per minute (GPM) with a pressure washer.
• Areas of wood sanded and prepared, as needed.
• Returning after a minimum of 48 hours to seal or stain the surface using the best available, professional clear-coat/preservative
• Using a moisture meter, we will not seal your deck unless it is found to be sufficiently dry (max 12% moisture).
• We brush or back-brush the sealant into the wood, even when we roll or spray first. Brushing is important in order to ensure the best adhesion and absorption into the grain of the wood.
• We are careful to protect your home and landscaping from chemicals, sealants and stains.
• Our work is guaranteed to provide the highest quality care available for your deck/fence/siding.
• Two or more coats of sealant will be applied if you choose a preservative where the application of two or more coats is recommended or preferable.
• In & Out Cleaning Services, Inc. restores exterior wood surfaces using the most highly respected and standardized methods, chemicals and equipment. Please know that the estimate you are receiving is for the highest level of quality in exterior wood restoration. Our price should reflect this.


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