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waxed floor maintenance

We specialize in waxed floor maintenance. For us, it is something of a special area of expertise. We are equipped for about any type of need when it comes to waxed flooring and pride ourselves in our efficient system. We routinely maintain many floors and have lift equipment to easily transport heavy floor machines that make for efficient waxed flooring work.

We pride ourselves in how quickly we can strip and wax large square footage areas and get raving compliments.

Most folks aren't experts in what's needed for their flooring, and that's where we can come in to help you make the most cost-effective decision based on your needs, traffic, and budget.

Here's a typical maintenance schedule for what an average floor needs, along with a description of each service type (of course there are many different factors that go into each floor and situation, and all kinds of varieties of service, as well as schedule can be adjusted). Each of the services below protect the floor and it's appearance. The second two services (scrub and re-coat and scrub and burnish) are to be done more frequently of course, and protect the longevity of the wax-- the more often they are done, and the floor is kept clean, the less a complete stripping and re-waxing will be needed, and the better the floor will consistently look.

VCT strip and wax (often yearly):

  • All movable furniture removed from floors and replaced to it’s original place upon completion of the job (depending on the facility and situation)
  • All waxed floors stripped of all old layers of wax and dirt, down to the flooring surface, corners scrubbed and scraped as needed, stains and build-up removed as able
  • Once dry, new, 22% high quality wax applied to the floor, as many coats as desired, our standard minimum is 5 coats

Machine scrub and re-wax (suggested 8 wk routine):

  • Easily-removable furniture removed to a non-wax area and returned upon completion of the job
  • Low speed floor scrubber used to scrub top layer of wax for a deep cleaning, removing some worn-out wax and dirt-embedded wax, using appropriate pads
  • Entire floor wet mopped and then dry dust mopped for maximum debris removal
  • 1-3 sacrificial coat/s of 22% solids wax applied, to maintain floor appearance

Deep cleaning and burnishing (suggested monthly):

  • Floor deep-scrubbed with an automatic scrubber and appropriate pad and mopped thoroughly in corners, etc
  • High speed floor burnisher used as maintenance, removing scratches and scuffs, returning gloss and hardening wax

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