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tile and grout restoration

At  both a commercial and residential level, we are great at restoring tile and grout! This is often an area where the owner of a floor is fed-up with trying to clean the grout themselves, and after we have finished they are amazed at how clean it came!

Many folks do not realize that grout needs routine deep cleaning AND sealing. That goes for all types of grout, wherever it is. Eventually, if not kept clean and sealed occasionally, the grout can wear away, crumble, stain permanently, etc. The only difference is in the traffic/use that the grout gets; obviously the wall back splash for a residential bar area that rarely ever gets anything on it may NEVER need maintenance. While on the complete other extreme, a restaurant floor with grout and lots of traffic (if they care about their grout) may need to be restored (deep cleaned AND sealed) quarterly. Of course most jobs lie somewhere in between, and we can meet the need that you have. But sealing with a penetrating sealer should ALWAYS follow deep cleaning, to protect the grout.

Below is a typical job description for tile/grout cleaning:

• Chemistry test to verify the type of material we are dealing with
• Covering up and taping off stainless, carpeted areas near the tile, etc in order to protect
• Automatic and manual scrubbing with an alkaline cleaner if needed to remove any oils, grease, or dirt buildup
• Automatic and manual scrubbing with acidic heavy-duty grout cleaner to deep clean the grout and/or tile to a like new condition
• Steam wash and extraction if needed for soil removal

• Final rinse and extraction
• Air movers put in place to dry thegrout
• Once dry, 2 coats of penetrating grout sealant applied

Contact us with your situation and we'll be glad to come out and give you our solution and price.

As you can see below, in this case, both the tile and the grout were very dirty and they had tried everything they could to clean it!

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