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Jake Jones

100 2016Jacob (Jake) Jones started cleaning gutters as side work not long after graduating from Taylor University in 2003. Within 6 months, a dream and goal had developed, the name had stuck, and his wife Lauren (who came up with the name) had joined him in providing cleaning services in the Muncie area, as well as northern Indianapolis. In & Out was founded largely out of a desire to join other community development efforts for Muncie's South and Central "at risk" neighborhoods. By providing not only meaningful and rewarding employment, but a meaningful community and atmosphere to folks within these neighborhoods especially, the goal has been to affect real change within Muncie's community.

From the very beginning, the vision was also to provide the very best service available and to become the area's most reliable cleaning company, experts in quality and service. Also from the beginning, as the name implies, we provided both interior and exterior cleaning-- all cleaning both inside and outside of structures is our expertise. Jake studied intensely as well as learned a lot through practice over the first year, completing most of the work by himself. However, the demand quickly grew and employees were hired as the business expanded through referral.

Jake grew up as the son of missionary parents in Colombia, South America, but moved to the the United States for college (B.A. in Philosophy and History). He was married, purchased a house, and has had three beautiful children over the past 11 years of running In & Out Cleaning. He is passionate about the vision of the company and cares most of all that the bottom line of the business is built upon honesty, integrity, and self sacrifice. He currently is shifting his role into a supportive and advisory position within the company, as he and his family join another development group on a temporary basis in Colombia, South America. 

Jason Mann

Jason Mann is the Operations Manager for In & Out Cleaning.  Jason previously spent a few years post-college in a couple different jobs, before being asked to come on board as a window washer.  Around this same time, he and his wife had intentionally moved into an "at risk" neighborhood along with a handful of other young families, desiring to bring reconciliation, stability, and hope to the people living nearby.  He has a heart to love those that are typically overlooked, as is evidenced by he and his wife growing their family through adoption, as well as through his commitment to the vision at In & Out Cleaning.  Jason takes great pride in all he does, and tries to encourage a sense of craftsmanship in others.  He currently facilitates most of the organizational, behind-the-scenes aspects of the business.  

Chris LeRoux